Developer Tools and Resources

In the lab, we use a variety of external tools in our research and development of OpenICE. This page lists tools and resources we would hate to live without.


We use these tools in developing our software.

Source Control

Source control is maintained here on GitHub.

Build Automation

Builds are automated with the gradle build tool.

Eclipse IDE

Eclipse is not required but is used by many contributors.

Artifact Repository

Artifacts are maintained in our repository.

Continuous Integration

Code is built continuously using our jenkins instance.

Unit Testing

Unit tests are written using junit.

Test Coverage

In time test coverage will be evaluated and reported by EclEmma.


Some code depends on DDS components from Real-Time Innovations. To access these components please register for membership in our infrastructure community with identifier ICE_IC01.

The DDS open standard for publish/subscribe middleware has many implementations (including OCI OpenDDS, Prismtech Vortex, Twin Oaks Core DX, and BeeDDS. In our research we are currently using the community edition of RTI DDS for prototyping.


IEEE 11073-10201-2004 Domain Information Model

IEEE 11073-20601-2010 Personal Health Device Communication

Continua Alliance

Antidote: IEEE 11073-20601 stack

Object Management Group - Data Distribution Service

OMG - Interface Definition Language

OMG - RealTime Publish/Subscribe

OMG - Extensible and Dynamic Topic Types for DDS

Healthcare Services Specification Program

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise - Technical Framework for Patient Care Device

NIST - Rosetta Terminology Mapping Management Service

NIST - Medical Device Communications Testing Project

HAPI - Open source HL7 library for java

Open ECG

Frank’s Hospital Workshop



Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent